Continuing Education (CE) Courses

CE Courses Designed for Nurses

Our nursing CE courses offer a wide range of subjects to help nurses fulfill their continuing education requirements, sharpen skills and advance their careers. Our convenient and affordable e-learning courses provide unlimited 24-hour access. While they do not offer credits towards the ICRS certificate program, many offer CE credits. 

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CE Course Listings

Nurse Practice Act Courses

Learn about the state laws that govern nursing licensure and practice so as to ensure the safety, health and welfare of the public.

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Course Dates: Self-paced
Cost: $15
CEs: 2-2.1

Righting a Wrong

Understand how to move past mistakes, sorrow and shame and become the nurse that you and your profession expect you to be.

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Course Dates: Self-paced
Cost: $30
CEs: 3

Upholding the Standard: Professional Accountability in Nursing

Dive deep into the foundational principles of nursing practice, learning practical advice about how nurses can protect patients and avoid violations of their Nurse Practice Act.

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Delivery Method: Self paced
Cost: $50 | Free for Members
CEs: 4.5