Program Pathways

Program Pathways and Expectations

Each pathway has its own curriculum with courses that range from beginner to advanced. All participants will complete the Competency Assessment to determine the pathway for each learner.

About the Courses

Courses along each of the pathways will consist of mixed modalities (E-learning, onsite workshops and conferences, action learning, mentoring, etc.).

Most courses contain interactive components or follow up activities (discussion group, manuscript, project, etc.)

The length of the course depends on its content. Each participant will customize their overall program based upon their current needs and future goals. Guidance will be offered by ICRS staff. Courses are each be assigned a certain amount of credit that will be applied towards the ICRS certificate. Participants may also register for a single course (participation in the Certificate Program is not required).

Current Course Calendar

ICRS Certificate

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Advanced Leadership Institute
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Regulation & Governance Legislation & Policy Research & Measurement
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Competency Assessment

ICRS Certificate

  1. Complete Competency Assessment.
  2. Complete all pre-requisite material.
  3. Complete six (6) courses from the Pathways with passing grade.
  4. Attend and participate in the ICRS Leadership Institute. (Deliver presentation, poster, journal article or other approved option.)

Additional Details

  • Courses are open to all NCSBN Members, Associate Members and Exam User Members, who may enroll as either ICRS certificate participants or non-participants.
  • Courses provide Continuing Nursing Education credit for both the certificate and non-certificate participants.
  • To enrich the experience, the courses will be open to regulators from health professional disciplines around the world after the pilot phase is completed; however, all non-NCSBN members will be required to pay tuition. The cost per course will be dependent upon the length of the course. Courses will also be open to students who wish to study various aspects of regulation and policy.
  • The final requirement of the certificate program will be participation in the ICRS Advanced Leadership Institute.
  • Participants are expected to complete the certificate with in a two year time frame.
  • All participants must agree to the ICRS Policies prior to beginning coursework for the certificate program.

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